We are a tight group of professionals, artists & craftsmen with many years of experience in what we do.  Our studios & workshops have been our life and the conduit by which we express our creativity through our custom designs.

Kostas Foukas  – master craftsman

Graduated Silversmithing technical school (81-84), while also working in well-known Silversmithing workshops (81-90). For the next 10 years, starting as a simple trainee, he went up the hierarchy from a personal assistant manager to a responsible jewelery designer. In 1990 he founded together with his colleague the company Xanthos-Foukas OE specializing in the manufacturing of innovative and timeless handmade jewelery based in Agios Dimitrios, Athens. The company X-F from 1990 to 2000 participated in dozens of exhibitions both in Greece and in European countries, while also exporting abroad.

After 20 years of mass production he felt the need to create a small workshop that would design and manufacture unique pieces -by himself- with precious and semi-precious stones. So, in 2000, he undertakes two major steps – the creation of a workshop and decentralization – he relocated to Patras with his family where he has made two of his great dreams to date come true. He designs and creates unique jewelery without sole focus on commerciality, in a small idyllic provincial city by the sea.